CF-TCSPC Data Processor

This program will allow the user to graphical select files to include in the processing of continuous-flow TCSPC data saved using Becker and Hickl SPC software.  Once the user has tagged the files as either buffer blank, NATA, protein or for discarding, the program will sum and appropriately average the data and perform all baseline and buffer corrections and then perform a NATA normalization.  The user can view all of the data (including unnormalized data) in 2D or 3D plots.  After the corrections have been performed, an SVD analysis can also be performed.  The user can save the entire session using “Save data and config” and re-read it in later.  The corrected data and SVD analysis can also be exported to a spreadsheet format for further analysis.

Because this is often used during data collection the executable is a Windows exe. You will need the LabVIEW 2013 RunTime Engine (32bit) to run the executable in this Dropbox line.